Alexa has led a bit of an empty life, never really going for it, that is until one wild night,
when her whole outlook on life will change for good.

More details to come as release gets closer...
Coming soon to Steam, MangaGamer & Nutaku.

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About the Game

Alexa's Wild Night was built featuring adult content as the primary version, with a censored edition for steam created at a later point. The game features Alexa as she goes out on one wild night potentially encountering many different people who could change her sexual outlook forever.

  • Graphic hardcore sexual imagery and scenes.
  • Multiple choices affect the storyline and sex scenes.
  • Multiple routes and endings to unlock.
  • High quality characters, backgrounds and CG Scenes.
  • 1080p window & full screen options.
  • CG scene Gallery & Special Events to unlock.

Directors Cut Adult Uncensored Patch

Galaxy Girls on Steam has been censored to remove explicit adult content.
To re-enable this content and enjoy the full adult directors cut click the link below to download the patch.


Once the patch is downloaded, extract the contents into the 'game' directory within the Alexa's Wild Night folder in steam.
E.g. c:/steampapps/alexas wild night/game

If the patch is copied into the correct directory, then the main menu will update to show uncensored edition.
If installed to the wrong folder, then the main menu will not change, in that instance move the file to the correct location.