Can you survive with three women in the middle of nowhere.
In this Survival, Romance Visual Novel adventure.

Available on Steam & Nutaku.

About the Game

Army Gals is a visual novel set at a retreat for delinquents. The protagonist is forced to attend after a misunderstanding back at home. Expecting a fortnight of hell, he is pleasantly surprised to find he is sharing the retreat with three beautiful but very different young women.


What starts off as a normal retreat takes a suddenly unexpected turn when the four of you are left in the middle of nowhere, waking to find the staff gone and only the four of you left, you quickly realize you will all need to rely on each other to survive.

As you continue through the wilderness, encountering different events it will be up to you to try and survive this nightmare and possibly in doing so uncover the secrets of the women you are with and maybe even their hearts.


  • Exploration Gameplay

  • Secrets to uncover

  • A dynamic and varied story

  • Multiple alternative routes

  • Huge array of CG Scenes

  • Lots of sexy characters

  • Trading Cards

  • Achievements

Directors Cut Adult Uncensored Patch

Army Gals on Steam has been censored to remove explicit adult content.
To re-enable this content and enjoy the full adult directors cut click the link below to download the patch.


Add the included .rpa file into the 'game' folder included in the Army Gals Directory.
If installed correctly the games main menu will show uncensored edition instead of Steam edition.