A new day begins as you take over the running of a beach resort filled with Beautiful girls
to distract you from saving the park from ruination, all the while trying to ensure one of your
staff members wins the local Beauty Pageant. It can be trying times in this ecchi visual novel.

Available on Steam & Nutaku.

About the Game

A new day begins for Tomo, he has inherited his grandmothers resort and must now prove himself to the bank that holds the notes on the park. To do this he needs to go through the financials and keep the banks rep happy but also run a Beauty Pageant too.
This wasn't the job he was expecting to be doing when he learnt about the resort. But now it is down to him to keep the resort running or put all the girls who work at the resort on the street. Of course there are many different ways he can save the resort. A fun ecchi visual novel with multiple endings to unlock.

  • A short but fun ecchi storyline

  • Multiple routes and endings to unlock

  • New original soundtrack

  • Fun Tongue in Cheek gameplay

  • Steam Achievements

  • Steam Trading Cards

  • Beautiful Anime Girls

Directors Cut Adult Uncensored Patch

Beauty Bounce on Steam has been censored to remove explicit adult content.
To re-enable this content and enjoy the full adult directors cut click the link below to download the patch.


Add the included .rpa file into the 'game' folder included in the Beauty Bounce Directory.
If installed correctly the games main menu will show uncensored edition instead of Steam edition.