New Store Items

We are happy to announce several new store bundle items are now available, in limited quantities while stocks last...
Both items are on sale now at discount for their release.

These items join our existing items;
 - Alexa Figurine
 - Galaxy Girls Daki Bundle

Checkout the store now:

As part of the release of these new items, we have posted a discount code to our newsletter subscribers and are offering for a limited time only (7 days) free worldwide delivery on all items purchased in the store.

Alexa Figurine Ships

All store purchased Alexa Figurines have now been marked up ready for shipping via DPD Worldwide, DPD is due to collect and begin shipments, UK shipments should arrive next day, Europe will take 3-5 days and International 5+ days depending on customs.

Fulfilment notices have been sent to those who purchased their figurine via the store.

All Kickstarter figurines have also been shipped with the exception of Canada and USA, as we are still waiting on the final batch of figurines. However tracking shows they should arrive this week.

Shizume Figurine

An update on our next figurine development: The Echo Tokyo: Shizume Figurine... 
We have now created the base 2D front and back design of the character in an action pose and are searching for a 3D modeller to create the 3D edition that will be used for the prototyping and production of the figurine.

More details will hopefully be shown in the coming weeks.

It's Christmas Time Poster

We are happy to unveil our Christmas 2017 posters, featuring characters from past game 'Negligee' and upcoming game 'Love Stories'.


The store has these posters available now for a limited time pre-order until the 3rd December, after which they will be manufactured and shipped ready for Christmas to begin. Checkout the store now while stocks last.

Update: Based on early orders we have now ordered the manufacturing of these posters, which we will receive and ship at the end of November, as such there is now only a limited amount available in the shop.

Figurines Shipping

We are happy to finally announce that the Figurines of Alexa will be shipping this coming week and beyond.

It is our plan to begin shipments on Monday to the UK and parts of Europe.
On Wednesday we will be aiming to ship to the rest of Europe and America
Finally on Friday to ship to remaining countries as well as any unsent to America.

Of the limited edition figurine, all but around five have been pre-ordered, these remaining figures maybe made available via the Dharker Studios store soon. Or they may be held onto for sale in conventions during 2018.

Harem Wars Site Live

The Harem Wars dedicated website is now live...


Links to the website can be found on the front page and a link is also below. More details, regular news and a store page can be found on the dedicated website from now on.

Alexa Figurine News

The figurines have now been assembled, picked, packed and shipping begun to send to us here at Dharker Studios for our final checks before we can ship individual pieces to you.


Shipping to us is expected to take around two weeks. Once we receive the figurines and are happy with some spot checks we will then order the needed final packaging, after which we will begin shipping to those who pre-ordered the figurine via DPD worldwide.

Echo Tokyo Site Live

We are happy to announce a dedicated site for the continuing development of the Echo Tokyo game series is now live, it will feature all news on the ongoing development of every game from now on, giving anyone be they a backer or simply a fan a look at exactly what is happening with the games as it happens.

The new site will feature regular news posts, links to store pages, information on the games and plans for the future, as well as screenshots from the games and a gallery of images.

Halloween Sale & Figurines

Halloween Sale

We are happy to announce the start of our Halloween Sale, which sees the current stock of Dakimakuras given a $10 discount up until the end of Halloween.


We also have a very limited number of Halloween Posters remaining, at the time of posting we have just the following left:
1x Halloween Outfit Edition
1x Lingerie Outfit Edition
3x Nude Outfit Editions
Checkout the store now to order these Dakimakuras or Halloween Posters.

Galaxy Girls Daki Bundle

Also available now are our Dakimakura Bundle Packs which include the entire set of 2D and 3D Galaxy Girls Dakimakuras in one batch at a greatly reduced price, saving you money on the individual items and also on overall shipping.

Checkout the Store Now.


In addition we are happy to announce for those interested in the figurines, that the painting is due to be completed by the end of October. After which they will be shipped to us for final checks prior to be dispatched to those who pre-ordered them on our store.


We are aiming to be able to complete shipping of all figurines by Christmas 2017.

Galaxy Girls Release

We are happy to announce that this Friday 15th September, the game Galaxy Girls, our most expensive title to date is due for release, we have worked hard with original developer of the Blossoms Bloom Brightly visual novel to create a great game that we hope you all will enjoy.

Checkout the store page now and add the game to your wishlist to be notified of its release. The game will include discounts for its release as well as bonus options such as a season pass and deluxe edition to grant buyers even greater discounts on all of the content we will be releasing this Friday and in the months to come, including several new DLC stories as well.

In addition for its release we will also have a limited stock of Galaxy Girls Dakimakura items available in our store, check back on Friday to see what is available.

Starlight Drifter Offline

We are a little sad to announce that we have now taken Starlight Drifter offline, it is no longer available for sale on the Steam platform, or indeed any platform. As a result refunds have been extended a little to the start of July for those who have purchased the game recently.

This decision has been a long time coming and indeed for those veterans of our development will know we took it down once before. This time it is down for good and will only return when the final game is finished... If at all.

That is right, unfortunately there is a chance the game may never return, at present we have passed the games assets on to one of our top two writers, who recently worked on Galaxy Girls (coming out soon) as well as the re-write of Battle Girls. She will be looking to create two new stories a brand new game and the Starlight Drifter remake. Hopefully the SD remake is something we can release again in the future.

Alexa Figurine - Last Chance

This weekend is your last chance to order the Alexa figurine, for future game Basketball Girls. It is now on its final discount amount and will on Sunday be marked as sold out.

If this first figurine is successfully launched, it could be the start of a series of figurines based on the characters of Basketball Girls. Showing each one in a lingerie outfit of their own. For now though this is your last chance to get the figurine at discount. As 'IF' the figurine is sold later it will be significantly more expensive.

Link to the figurine can be found on the Featured section of the site.