Battle Girls Steam v1.45

Yesterday Steam informed us that Battle Girls no longer complies with their terms regarding pornographic content. We however disagree with them, the game has been fully censored, with no adult dialogue or illustrations included in the playable game on Steam.

We have argued this with them via email but as yet have had no response, therefore to be as compliant as possible with their wishes we have gone through the game with a fine tooth comb and removed any adult dialogue that is still in the base files. Too ensure that even if a person goes through the game files themselves they will not have access to adult dialogue writing.

Therefore with the new update we have now posted to Steam the game should be 100% compliant. This is based on the fact that Battle Girls has no nudity in it or sexual events included in the game, any intimate or suggestive scenes fade out before adult content would begin. Thus our game has less adult content and explicit nudity in it than the game Witcher 3 (as one mainstream example) therefore as Steam have no issue with that game or others they surely cannot have issue with Battle Girls.

Uncensored Patch Update

In line with the above we have also updated the uncensored patch for the game, players will need to remove the old patch and download and install the new patch for version 1.45 otherwise the game will not function properly. You will know it is the correct patch as it now says Uncensored Steam Edition on the main menu.

The patch can be found in our games section as with all of our titles.

Harem Wars Last Chance

We are happy to announce that our last chance backerkit for Harem Wars is now live, this allows those who haven't ordered anything or missed out a chance to order items from the past campaigns as well as the latest campaign. Below is a link to view the Backerkit pre-order items directly.

This Backerkit is only live until May 25th, if you do not complete the order by then or your payment is declined and has not processed by then, you will not be able to receive any of the items you have selected. This is a hard deadline and so after that date we will not be able to allow orders.

F'ing Delays!

Dharker here. Today I have the sad and disappointing task of announcing delays to our two main game projects currently in development. Specifically Love Stories and My Girlfriend.

Both of these games after careful consideration will be upgraded with more content, mostly illustrated scenes, so that they look good both for adult and censored versions. Before now we realised the Love Stories censored version was a little lacking in content. Our aim therefore is to increase the censored content further, but also increase adult content EVEN MORE.

So this is a good news/bad news announcement, we will be adding more content to both games, but it will come at the price of Time. Love Stories will most likely be delayed to a Summer release, hopefully in August, whilst My Girlfriend will likely be delayed to a November release. But both games will be augmented significantly in illustrated content, descriptive scenes both adult and non as well as adult scene choices.

Still I hate delays to our games and I hate that we are still making such mistakes that mean our games are still being delayed despite now making games funded via kickstarter for three years and trading as a limited company in our second year. Hopefully things can only get better from here though for our scheduling of game releases.

Development Teams

Today we want to have a quick look and provide details of what teams we currently have working within Dharker Studios Ltd, and what they are currently working on...

Dharkers Team
The original team of the company, Dharkers personal team, he works with Kopi Anget (illustrator), Kayzda (writer) and several coders to make visual novel games.
Currently the team are working on two projects:

  1. The Paradise Series of Games
  2. The Alchemist (fantasy game)

Both projects have their own artists on board and Dharker is focusing his attention on each, the aim is to release one Paradise series game every 3-6 months after a kickstarter campaign. The Alchemist game however is a massive project and so is unlikely to see the light of day until much later in the year or next year, those who are curious however can follow us on DeviantArt where we might be showcasing art for the game soon.

Echo Tokyo Team
This team, as is suggested by the name is working entirely on the visual novel games for the Echo Tokyo series. Currently they have begun the illustrations for the first game 'Phoenix' with artist Julia Kruse and will be completing the scriptwriting with an aim to release in October this year. After the second game is completed in early 2019, the team hope to continue the series with more Visual Novel games set in the cyber punk world.

Sliced Supernatural Team
Our newest game development team has now been created, utilising the artwork of Nick Beja to create games, their first game in this new series is live on kickstarter and will hopefully be the start of their own series of games, which we will look to continue until they are no longer popular. The first game in the series is called Devil in the Details and is loosely linked to past games Divine Slice of Life and Army Gals.

Random Gubbins
Last but not least is the team Random Gubbins, it includes other artists from Kopi Angets studio working on the physical products for all of our past campaigns as well as new products for the future, currently their primary focus is on completing Harem Wars and its first expansion. But they also have people working on a game called Harem Dice, the first Echo Tokyo figurine of Shizume and other games as well as the final print edition of various graphic novels.

As you can see we have a lot of porjects on the go, but as 2018 winds down you will see these teams honing down their developments to a single development at a time, as they gradually organise their own plans in a more suitable and sustainable way.

P.s. there are a few third party contractors working on other games for us, like: Starlight Drifter, Valkyrie: The Material Continuum and new video games based on physical board games.

Mobile Games

Due to a few delays in our main game releases this year, mostly due to overwork, we have some spare time in our developers schedule and as such we will finally be looking to port across a large amount of our games to mobile platforms.


At present games like Divine Slice of Life, Sword of Asumi have already been ported to apple, now we will be looking to port many others also to apple and once that is completed to android as well. Our hope is to release 1-2 games to mobile platforms each month for the rest of the year starting in May.