Harem Wars Last Chance

Last chance to order the Harem Wars game.
Or the Combat Expansion, Nude & Art Decks.

This final campaign has been launched to sell the last stock available for the Harem Wars Card Game, leftover from the last manufacturing run, after which the game will go out of print, making this truly the last chance to get the various items of the game.

Checkout the campaign now for more details.


Harem Wars Shipping

The main production of the core Harem Wars card game, Harem Combat expansion and other sets and rewards such as dakimakuras, keyrings, postcards, game mats and so on are due to arrive in UK ports on August 30th before being delivered to us for shipping to our backers.

After careful consideration and comparisons with fulfillment companies we have decided to ship items directly from our small office as the best way of proceeding. Therefore shipping of all items currently due will take place across September and October 2018.

We look forward to finally shipping these items out, after which work will continue on the remaining two Fetish Expansion sets, with the aim to kickstarter those by the end of the year and complete the Harem Wars card game series by Spring 2019. After which we will begin development of the Harem Wars Video Game (once all rewards from the Harem Wars campaigns have been completed and shipped to our backers).

Starlight Drifter A Success!

Can it be true... Starlight Drifters official release on Steam from Early Access a success?

And the answer is yes, though whether it has actually made a profit is hard to say, Starlight Drifter has been in development hell for around three years in total and suffered a number of problems, at two different points the game has been shut down completely on steam, picked up again and then shut down again due to development problems.

In both instances when we did that we effectively wiped the slate clean. That means we deleted whatever costs we had incurred and accepted those were a loss we would never get back as the game would never be finished. Because of this happening twice we dont truly know how much the game cost in total so we have to judge the game more on sales compared to our other releases and the community response to it.

In the month since release from Early Access the game has sold around 1,500 units on Steam, due to certain issues we have as yet been unable to release it elsewhere, but that will change in August. 1,500 whilst might seem a lot, compared to most of our games it is low. BUT it is not terrible, on our own chart of 17 or so games, it puts it around the middle of the sales chart.

Next, perhaps more importantly than sales are the reviews, and in this it is easy to see the game has been well received on release. The game went from a 40% negative rating (based on bad reviews 1-2 years ago) to a 79% Mostly Positive rating overall and a 84% Very Positive rating for recent reviews. This is a massive shift and shows that in general most new players enjoy the final version of the game.

All of this is on top of the fact that the game was released from Early Access essentially without much fanfare into a overpopulated steam platform, during a sale period, where it is hard to get visibility. Also our final price for Starlight Drifter makes it one of our most expensive games (due to its size and complexity) at $19.99, and yet it continues to sell well, long after its sale period ended.

It is unlikely that Starlight Drifter will break any records for us or warrant a sequel based on its current success, but the fact that a game could go through three years of development hell and come out so well on the other side is something we are very happy about. We hope many of you will continue to enjoy the game we created.

Random Gubbins Shuttered

As part of my re-organising, Random Gubbins has been shuttered, essentially I have closed that aspect of Dharker Studios down and I will be taking over the management of Harem Wars the Card Game and the Shizume Figurine until both are completed. Some delays may occur as a result but in general I will do my best to get the figurine out by the end of the year and the Card games first shipping series out by the end of Summer if not end of September.

I may make figurines again in the future for different games, but it is highly unlikely that I will continue the Harem Wars card game once the two remaining expansions are completed. Instead it will become a limited edition collectors card game. Most likely with a max units available of 1000. Expansions will have smaller production numbers and baring a miracle in the future I will not be doing reprints of any past or future add-on sets.