Starlight Drifter Offline

We are a little sad to announce that we have now taken Starlight Drifter offline, it is no longer available for sale on the Steam platform, or indeed any platform. As a result refunds have been extended a little to the start of July for those who have purchased the game recently.

This decision has been a long time coming and indeed for those veterans of our development will know we took it down once before. This time it is down for good and will only return when the final game is finished... If at all.

That is right, unfortunately there is a chance the game may never return, at present we have passed the games assets on to one of our top two writers, who recently worked on Galaxy Girls (coming out soon) as well as the re-write of Battle Girls. She will be looking to create two new stories a brand new game and the Starlight Drifter remake. Hopefully the SD remake is something we can release again in the future.

Alexa Figurine - Last Chance

This weekend is your last chance to order the Alexa figurine, for future game Basketball Girls. It is now on its final discount amount and will on Sunday be marked as sold out.

If this first figurine is successfully launched, it could be the start of a series of figurines based on the characters of Basketball Girls. Showing each one in a lingerie outfit of their own. For now though this is your last chance to get the figurine at discount. As 'IF' the figurine is sold later it will be significantly more expensive.

Link to the figurine can be found on the Featured section of the site.

Army Gals DLC

Work on the Army Gals DLC is going better than we hoped, basic coding of the game and the rough outline of sequences is now completed and we are hoping development of the poker game and AI will be finished by the end of the month. After which work will focus on balancing the game and injecting fun dialogue between game sections.


With the main art completed, we are now turning our attention towards game win scenarios to create a more interesting win sequence that we have done in the past... Specifically including some animation.

So this DLC could really shine and works well as a good test for a future project we are hoping to develop soon.

New Site Now Live

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website, it includes eCommerce functionality for future sales possibilities as well a simple format and easy to explore site.

We also have reopened our Blog and will be posting regular updates featuring news from the various projects and games we have in development.

Fans and those interested can also signup to our newsletter easily from the website and keep up to date on all the latest news. Also with each game having a dedicated page, it makes it easier to find information on games, patches and other content as well.

As part of our launch we now have a new domain:


But the following domains will continue to work, and forward backers here,
I perpertuity as well:

We will be looking to continually update the site with more content and features to give our visitors the best possible experience and the maximum amount of information.

Harem Wars Backerkit Live

We are happy to announce, that our Backerkit for the Card Game Harem Wars is now live. This grants Kickstarter backers an easy way to manage their rewards, upgrade or select add-ons if they wish.  In addition it allows those who missed out on the kickstarter campaign a chance to pre-order select items from the campaign individually.

The backerkit is now live and accepting pre-orders, for those who missed out on the main campaign they can visit the link below to see the options available. Kickstarter backers were sent an email with details on how to access and manage their pledge levels and rewards.