Starlight Drifter Offline

We are a little sad to announce that we have now taken Starlight Drifter offline, it is no longer available for sale on the Steam platform, or indeed any platform. As a result refunds have been extended a little to the start of July for those who have purchased the game recently.

This decision has been a long time coming and indeed for those veterans of our development will know we took it down once before. This time it is down for good and will only return when the final game is finished... If at all.

That is right, unfortunately there is a chance the game may never return, at present we have passed the games assets on to one of our top two writers, who recently worked on Galaxy Girls (coming out soon) as well as the re-write of Battle Girls. She will be looking to create two new stories a brand new game and the Starlight Drifter remake. Hopefully the SD remake is something we can release again in the future.