Game Transfer

Today we finalised a deal that would see many of our IP’s get transferred to another developer for future development, as part of the agreement they will also take over many of our legacy games as well.

It will be up to them how to continue development, but they will abide by any existing game development plans already in place and funded via crowdfunding e.g. The Echo Tokyo games. Everything else however will be up to them on how and when to develop it.

This includes the Dhark School series and the more recently announced School Harem game.

List of past titles they will take over:

  • Devil in the Details

  • Starlight Drifter

  • Alexa’s Wild Night

  • Battle Girls

  • Army Gals

  • Bunny Bounce

  • Beauty Bounce

  • Magi Trials

  • Summer Fling

  • Club Life

  • Echo Tokyo: An Intro

  • Highschool Possession

  • Highschool Romance

  • Divine Slice of Life

  • Shmup Love Boom

  • Beach Bounce

  • Sword of Asumi

  • Quantum Flux

List of future planed games they will take over:

  • Echo Tokyo: Phoenix

  • Echo Tokyo: Reaper

  • Nurse Me!

  • School Harem

  • Apocalypse


When they have a website setup we will provide details, in the meantime you will gradually see these titles be removed from this website and their game pages and patches will be transferred to their blogsite which is where you will be able to get more details in the future.