In Development

Below is a list of titles we have in development, ranging from beta testing to script writing to outlining, but all are titles that are being prepared in some way for a release within the next 1-3 years.

  1. Paradise Series of Games
     - Love Stories
     - My Girlfriend
     - Battle of the Bands
     - College Daze
     - Santa Girls
     - Absolute Power
     - Basketball Girls
     - She Came From Outer Space
     - Negligee: DD
     - Beach Girls
  2. Echo Tokyo Games
     - Echo Tokyo: Phoenix
     - Echo Tokyo: Reaper
  3. Starlight Drifter
  4. Valkyrie: The Material Continuum
  5. Magi Wars
  6. The Alchemist

More details on these various games will be posted about as developments progress.