F'ing Delays!

Dharker here. Today I have the sad and disappointing task of announcing delays to our two main game projects currently in development. Specifically Love Stories and My Girlfriend.

Both of these games after careful consideration will be upgraded with more content, mostly illustrated scenes, so that they look good both for adult and censored versions. Before now we realised the Love Stories censored version was a little lacking in content. Our aim therefore is to increase the censored content further, but also increase adult content EVEN MORE.

So this is a good news/bad news announcement, we will be adding more content to both games, but it will come at the price of Time. Love Stories will most likely be delayed to a Summer release, hopefully in August, whilst My Girlfriend will likely be delayed to a November release. But both games will be augmented significantly in illustrated content, descriptive scenes both adult and non as well as adult scene choices.

Still I hate delays to our games and I hate that we are still making such mistakes that mean our games are still being delayed despite now making games funded via kickstarter for three years and trading as a limited company in our second year. Hopefully things can only get better from here though for our scheduling of game releases.