Battle Girls Steam v1.45

Yesterday Steam informed us that Battle Girls no longer complies with their terms regarding pornographic content. We however disagree with them, the game has been fully censored, with no adult dialogue or illustrations included in the playable game on Steam.

We have argued this with them via email but as yet have had no response, therefore to be as compliant as possible with their wishes we have gone through the game with a fine tooth comb and removed any adult dialogue that is still in the base files. Too ensure that even if a person goes through the game files themselves they will not have access to adult dialogue writing.

Therefore with the new update we have now posted to Steam the game should be 100% compliant. This is based on the fact that Battle Girls has no nudity in it or sexual events included in the game, any intimate or suggestive scenes fade out before adult content would begin. Thus our game has less adult content and explicit nudity in it than the game Witcher 3 (as one mainstream example) therefore as Steam have no issue with that game or others they surely cannot have issue with Battle Girls.

Uncensored Patch Update

In line with the above we have also updated the uncensored patch for the game, players will need to remove the old patch and download and install the new patch for version 1.45 otherwise the game will not function properly. You will know it is the correct patch as it now says Uncensored Steam Edition on the main menu.

The patch can be found in our games section as with all of our titles.