Starlight Drifter Lives

We are happy to announce that the game Starlight Drifter is once again live on Steam. Version 0.99 has been released to existing owners and the game is once again available in Early Access for people to purchase and play.

We consider the current version to be 99% complete and will be finalising the game with the last content and bug fixes over the next 2-6 weeks before officially releasing it on Steam and other locations such as Nutaku. We are eagerly looking forward to finally releasing this game to the public after many years in development hell.


We are very sorry it has taken so long to develop, but we are happy that this final version is extremely close to our original vision for the game, with character creation, open world gameplay, crew romances and a game that allows you to be the captain and make the decisions as you see fit. Whilst compromises were made, we still believe this to be an excellent final product for players to enjoy.