Negligee: DD

We have had some of our most dedicated fans asking us, what with the upcoming release of Negligee: Love Stories, will we be continuing with the plan to one day create a full sequel to Negligee and if so when...

And the answer is, yes we are going to make a full sequel, it will be a much larger story, it will be set a couple of years after the first and the basics of that story are now being worked out. Hannah will remain as the primary protagonist and whilst it will be 'similar' in part to the first game it will also feature lots of new characters, new events and stories with more interesting gameplay and options to make for much more varied and dynamic games.

As for when, we have no schedule for it, but it is likely to be at least two years away before we are able to get this out into the world, as we already have so many games in planning and when we create this sequel we want it to be 'perfect'.

In the meantime, Negligee: Love Stories will be coming out in the next 6-8 weeks and at some point in the next few months we will be releasing a remastered fully animated edition of Negligee's original game as well. More details on those to come soon.