Random Gubbins Shuttered

As part of my re-organising, Random Gubbins has been shuttered, essentially I have closed that aspect of Dharker Studios down and I will be taking over the management of Harem Wars the Card Game and the Shizume Figurine until both are completed. Some delays may occur as a result but in general I will do my best to get the figurine out by the end of the year and the Card games first shipping series out by the end of Summer if not end of September.

I may make figurines again in the future for different games, but it is highly unlikely that I will continue the Harem Wars card game once the two remaining expansions are completed. Instead it will become a limited edition collectors card game. Most likely with a max units available of 1000. Expansions will have smaller production numbers and baring a miracle in the future I will not be doing reprints of any past or future add-on sets.