Harem Wars Shipping

The main production of the core Harem Wars card game, Harem Combat expansion and other sets and rewards such as dakimakuras, keyrings, postcards, game mats and so on are due to arrive in UK ports on August 30th before being delivered to us for shipping to our backers.

After careful consideration and comparisons with fulfillment companies we have decided to ship items directly from our small office as the best way of proceeding. Therefore shipping of all items currently due will take place across September and October 2018.

We look forward to finally shipping these items out, after which work will continue on the remaining two Fetish Expansion sets, with the aim to kickstarter those by the end of the year and complete the Harem Wars card game series by Spring 2019. After which we will begin development of the Harem Wars Video Game (once all rewards from the Harem Wars campaigns have been completed and shipped to our backers).