My Boyfriend

Today I am happy to reveal a game I know every one of you has been crying out for, waiting and praying for me to create and release. All of you! Wanting me to make this for as long as you have known about games.

I introduce to you our first fully 'gay' game, with a male protagonist and a strong male cast ahem, plenty of male on male action for you all to enjoy. Yes I know you want it, you cant deny it now!!!


This game follows a young man who is enrolled in an all guys work placement, surprisingly though you thought it was going to be an all-girls work placement... On learning it is in fact an all male workforce you must now try to fit in with all the handsome men parading around in their underwear... Why are they in their underwear and not more suitable clothes? No one knows. Least of all me. So don't ask just accept it and enjoy it.

Will you find love, lust or just something hard from behind, your decisions will affect the out-cum... Punishment can only ensue.