Stress & Anxiety

For a long time I have dealt with Anxiety, for both health and general anxiety. This primarily leads to worrying about things one doesn’t need to worry about, which invariably causes a person to get stressed which can then lead to other issues affecting them, physical issues.

Recently my Anxiety about my health and the Stress it causes me seems to have got much greater than it has been in a long while, so much so that it has caused me to have tension headaches of different types and cluster headaches at random times over the past six months. More recently however it has become more acute and it has created a vicious cycle.

I have a headache therefore i worry about it, causing more stress and making the symptoms worse making me more stressed and so on. This has now led to me being overly stressed which appears to now be affecting my sleep patterns, causing me to feel exhausted, dehydrated and generally run down.

For this reason I have shut down my active Kickstarter campaigns and am shutting down Patreon at the end of August as well, all in an effort to reduce my stress levels in other factors. Whilst this may not fix the underlying issue, reducing my workload should help reduce some of my normal day to day stress that I experience.