Game Dev 2019-2020

Over the past few weeks I have been making changes to the way I work and the projects I am doing to reduce my overall stress levels and to help ease my anxiety issues. For this reason my plans for the rest of this year and 2020 have changed dramatically.

I have now shuttered most third party developers who worked for us on projects, or were going to in the future. From now on I will be the primary developer of all games and will essentially be working on one game at a time. (there are two exceptions to this, noted at the bottom).

Now below are the current game developments I have in mind for the rest of 2019 and for 2020.

Roomie Romance

The Roomie Romance game is complete and ready for release, or almost, it simply needs a single image for the Harem ending to be completed and added to the game before it can be given the final release update. This image should be finished any day now and will be added as soon as it has been completed.

Roomie Romance physical rewards are all in production and I will be shipping those all out around mid-September once the Dakimakuras and the Artbooks have arrived.

I have fixed all reported bugs and am happy with the game and our release window. In addition to the main game I will also be working on the DLC mini-stories pack, it will be available to order with the main game, but the individual stories will be released gradually in increments post release. Again the main coding of these is already finished and all that is needed is to add the illustrations. As soon as an illustration set is finished it will be updated and the story made available. This will only take a small amount of work so I will be working on it at the same time as Santa Girls.

Santa Girls

Santa Girls will be my next development focus, I have already coded a functioning script, which is just missing some background artwork at present, before I can begin adding the character art and illustrations, with that in mind there is a Kickstarter live to fund the final illustrations the game needs. I will be matching funds for any payments over the primary goal to help towards stretch goals. More on that to come.

The kickstarter is in its final 48 hours. and can be viewed via the link below.
All physical rewards of this campaign will be manufactured and shipped as soon as the campaign ends, there will be no opportunity for late pledges or upgrades via backer-kit, so if you want physical items you need to order them before the campaign ends.

Santa Girls will be released in early December 2019, all artwork should be finished by the end of October and implemented via a Beta test process during October and November prior to release.

Witches Brew/Alchemist

Whilst coding Santa Girls work is also underway for the Witches Brew and Alchemist games, which I am scheduling for release in Summer 2020. Once Santa Girls is released this pair of games will be my sole occupation until they are released. Whilst Santa Girls is being coded prior to its release in December I will be orchestrating the artists and writers to complete the content needed for the game as well as working with a mini-game developer on the various parts of the game e.g. inventories, items, potion crafting etc.

whilst there are very similar aspects in both games, there are also many differences between the two versions of the games including artwork and more. Our primary artist Kopi Anget, will be working on the various intimate scenes for the game as soon as Roomie Romance is finished before turning his attention to the long awaited Negligee sequel. Witches Brew and Alchemist Kickstarter ended some time ago and the Backerkit closes on September 1st. After which regular posts will be made on Kickstarter for backers only on the lead up to beta and full release.

Negligee: DoubleD

Last but not least is Negligee:DoubleD the full sequel to our most successful game release to date, Negligee. Our writer is working on the main script and our artists will be working on character designs and backgrounds when they have finished with their work on Roomie Romance and Santa Girls. Whilst the focus will be on Witches Brew/Alchemist games, some artists will take breaks to work on the Negligee art.

Kopi Anget will be our lead artist for this game, and will do all characters and illustrations for the game, which is about three times larger than the original with significantly more content and lingerie. I expect to run a dedicated Kickstarter for this game, once Witches Brew/Alchemist are close to release with a scheduled date and final build ready. Therefore the Negligee kickstarter will likely be in late Summer 2020. My aim is to release the game in October 2020, hopefully close to the a 4th year anniversary of the original games first release on Steam.


Other game projects are still in the works, specifically:

- Echo Tokyo: Reaper
A revised outline will eventually be finalised, when it is we will create the illustrations and confirm character art then provide all of this content to the developer of the original Echo Tokyo: Phoenix, I will simply be overseeing the outline and initial artwork, after which it will be in the hands of the developer. I will not be continuing the Echo Tokyo series once Reaper is finished. I hope to release it before the end of the year, but cannot guarentee that will happen.

- Negligee: Animated Edition
The animated edition is to my knowledge still being working on by the third party developer, my last update from them advised that the primary developer is having difficulties with their Unity developer which basically means development is moving slowly, as I understand it most of the game is done, what is left is fixing the various unity issues and bugs that are crippling the game. Originally I hoped to release the Animated Edition in October 2019 close to the third year anniversary of the original game, but I no longer know if that is possible. I am seeking a more thorough explanation on this to see if and when a release will be possible.