Negligee: Love Stories - All Ages

I am happy to announce that very soon we will be releasing the All Ages version of Love Stories on Steam. This will be a stand alone game that will need to be purchased separately to all other games, it also will not be included in any bundles to ensure people do not accidentally buy it twice if they already have the adult edition that released in September.


The All Ages version has now been submitted to Steam for review and as soon as that is completed and allowed through we will release it. At present we are not planning to release any DLC with this version of the game, the patch for it will be available via our Games dedicated page once the game is officially live on Steam.

More details to come once we have a confirmed the release date.

It's Christmas Time Poster

We are happy to unveil our Christmas 2017 posters, featuring characters from past game 'Negligee' and upcoming game 'Love Stories'.


The store has these posters available now for a limited time pre-order until the 3rd December, after which they will be manufactured and shipped ready for Christmas to begin. Checkout the store now while stocks last.

Update: Based on early orders we have now ordered the manufacturing of these posters, which we will receive and ship at the end of November, as such there is now only a limited amount available in the shop.

Halloween Sale & Figurines

Halloween Sale

We are happy to announce the start of our Halloween Sale, which sees the current stock of Dakimakuras given a $10 discount up until the end of Halloween.


We also have a very limited number of Halloween Posters remaining, at the time of posting we have just the following left:
1x Halloween Outfit Edition
1x Lingerie Outfit Edition
3x Nude Outfit Editions
Checkout the store now to order these Dakimakuras or Halloween Posters.

Galaxy Girls Daki Bundle

Also available now are our Dakimakura Bundle Packs which include the entire set of 2D and 3D Galaxy Girls Dakimakuras in one batch at a greatly reduced price, saving you money on the individual items and also on overall shipping.

Checkout the Store Now.


In addition we are happy to announce for those interested in the figurines, that the painting is due to be completed by the end of October. After which they will be shipped to us for final checks prior to be dispatched to those who pre-ordered them on our store.


We are aiming to be able to complete shipping of all figurines by Christmas 2017.