Negligee: Love Stories

The all region release of Negligee Love Stories, is live on Steam at last, due to release on the 8th February at 4pm PST worldwide. This edition should not be region restricted and will allow anyone to play it.


An uncensored patch is available on the Dedicated game page on this website. And DLC for this game is also available on Steam for everyone to enjoy as well.

Seasons Greetings

Thank you all for the support, in campaigns, or playing the games from release. Heres a treat featuring our new Girls of Dharker Studios Mascots; Daphne & Sienna.


In addition we are also happy to announce the launch of our new merchandise store on Redbubble, which will feature seasonal posters and other items we will be releasing across the year to come. For now we have several past posters available, some stickers and the above Christmas 2018 Dharker Studios Poster.

Check out the latest items available on our store page now.

New Logo & Mascots

Over the past few years we have been using the same old tired logo for Dharker Studios, this logo was created several years ago, and simply put is showing its age, to make it work for games and so forth we had to backwards engineer it and try and make it into a vector, but this too did not fully work.

In addition a few months ago we decided we would create a mascot for Dharker Studios, then after further consideration we decided to make several mascots, each one with a fictitious position within the company, e.g. Coder, Composer, Writer, Artist etc. Eventually we might create merchandise and special products based on these characters rather than based on the games themselves.

Now we are happy to announce not just our new logo but to showcase the first two mascots for us as well…


Over the next few days we will be gradually updating the site with the new ‘crisper’ logo design, likewise you will soon start to see our mascots crop up more and more on this site, in our games and other media as well.

Steam Winter Sale

The Steam winter sale has now begun and as such a variety of our own and published games are on offer…