This game follows a male protagonist as he is transferred to an all-girls College for his final year.
Resulting in crazy shinanigans, the game includes returning characters from games Divine Slice of Life & Army Gals.
As well as brand new faces to fill out the roles within the game, including teachers and students to meet and befriend.

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The game is a Rogue-like game, anime inspired with thousands of events to unlock and explore. Each day you will be given a new scenario and decision to make.

Each decision affecting your stats, future events and the college you are part of. Can you survive the 355 days of the year and graduate, or will you be held back.

  • Thousands of Events to Explore
  • Various new Deck Types to Unlock
  • Fourteen Classmates to get to know
  • Multiple Teachers to help you grow
  • Random Events and Rogueline Style
  • Multiple Stats to manage during the game
  • Date, Befriend and Make Enemies
  • Romantic Liaisons and Adult Events

Random Events Database specially designed for this game, ensures that every time you play the game will be different, allowing you to find different secrets, date different people and find all of the many different ways of surviving your final year at college.