About the Game

Harem Wars is an adult card game for 2-4 players, where you must build a complete Harem Pyramid before the other players so you can arise as the divine god of lust to win the game.

The Box includes 300 original cards;

108x Harem Girl Cards
72x Stackable Cards
66x Harem Toy Cards
24x Harem Pet Cards
18x Harem Power Cards
10x Protagonist Cards
2x Ascension Cards

The Aim of the game is to be the first player to complete the Harem Pyramid or to have the highest score, when an Ascension card is drawn.


Setting up

Remove the two Ascension cards from the deck, and shuffle the remaining cards. Then, place the ascension cards randomly near the bottom.

Deal six cards to each player as their starting hand.

Players can look at their own cards but should keep them secret from other players.


the pyramid

The pyramid is made up of three layers

The bottom layer is made up of Harem Girl cards.
The middle layer is made up of Harem Toy cards.
The top layer is made up of Harem Pet cards

Harem Girls

Harem Girls each have a ‘Type’ shown as a heart icon in the top left corner. Each Harem Girl has a value, which is noted on the heart icon. The core game includes two different types, ‘Lingerie Heart’ and ‘Food Heart’. Others are available via Expansions and Add-on sets. Harem Girls are placed in the bottom row of the pyramid, players can place up to five harem girls.


Stackables are used to boost the points of the already placed Harem Girls, by matching a stackable with the same character and illustration, stackables show the character in the same illustration but in lingerie or nude. Only a single Stackable can be placed on top of a Harem Girl to boost its points.

Harem Toys

Up to three Harem Toy cards can be placed into the Pyramid, on the second line, however a player can only place a harem toy, if they have already placed the same character as a Harem Girl into the first line of the Pyramid. In addition the Harem Toy card can only be placed if below it are two Harem Girls of the same ‘type’. Which are also side by side.

Harem Pet Cards

The final part of the pyramid is the top row, where the player can place a single Harem Pet card, similar to Harem Toys, the player must already have a harem girl of the same character in the pyramid and there must be two Harem Toys of the same ‘type’ placed in the pyramid already as well, which also must be side by side.

Protagonist & Harem Powers

These can be placed at any time, they have their own unique rules and are not placed in the pyramid, when a player uses one of these cards, they follow the rules on the card.

Ascension Cards

There are two Ascension cards in the deck, if no-one completes the pyramid to win the game, then the game ends as soon as one of these cards is drawn. When this card is drawn the game ends and the players count up the points they have in their pyramid and whoever has the most points wins the game. In the case of a draw, everyone loses as their can only be one divine god of lust at a time. If such a thing happens, feel free to flip the table in frustration.

Actions per turn

Each player has a number of actions, depending on how many players in the game:

- 2 Players = 5 Actions per turn
- 3 Players = 4 Actions per turn
- 4 Players = 3 Actions per turn

Players spend their actions with the intent of increasing the score of their Harem, reducing the score of their opponents harem, or completing their Harem Pyramid.

player turns

Each player has several optional actions they can do each turn.

- Draw two new cards from the deck
- Take the top card from the discard pile
- Place one card into the Harem Pyramid
- Play a Protagonist/Harem Power rule effect card
- Discard a card from your Harem Pyramid
- Discard a card from your hand

Example of a Completed Pyramid

To complete a pyramid, a player needs to have placed 5 Harem Girls with Stackables, 3 Harem Toys and 1 Harem Pet.
And follow the rules for placing them, so that they are placed correctly.
N.b. below is shown on a Harem Wars Game Mat, but the mats are not needed to play.