A visual novel game following a young man who wakes up in the body of another student...
Learning his friends may not be living the perfect lives he thought they were.

Available on Steam, Nutaku & MangaGamer.

About the Game

Our protagonist, a fairly ordinary, normal, down to earth young man, has his whole world view shattered when a strange force comes to him and causes him to switch bodies with his classmates. But not just any bodies, he leaps into the bodies of his two 'school idols' the girls he has had a crush on for a long time and been unsure who to ask out.
What initially seems great soon takes a darker turn as he realizes his two 'perfect idols' have some secrets of their own.
What is more he has no idea what is happening to his own body or what is causing this supernatural event.

  • A casual visual novel to play,

  • With multiple options to choose,

  • Featuring two romance options to explore,

  • In a not so ordinary slice of life adventure.

Directors Cut Adult Uncensored Patch

Highschool Possession on Steam has been censored to remove explicit adult content.
To re-enable this content and enjoy the full adult directors cut click the link below to download the patch.


Add the included .rpa file into the 'game' folder included in the Highschool Possession Directory.
If installed correctly the games main menu will show uncensored edition instead of Steam edition.