past Published Games

Below are links to more detailed information on the various third party studios we publish games with.


Nicky Swan

Nicky Swan have worked with us for several years in creating games, beginning as concept designers and then eventually working with coders and writers. The team relies on contractors to create many of the titles basic functionality and then they work to polish those titles and ensure they are of the highest standard, before passing them to us to publish on various platforms.


Echo Tokyo Games

Echo Tokyo Games Studio focus on creating content, items within the Echo Tokyo universe, working with a variety of artists, writers and developers they have created the Shizume figurine, a variety of cool content and the Echo Tokyo Games themselves. They also consider and try out other potential game styles to suit the Echo Tokyo Universe, eventually wanting to create an open city to explore.



Straywire are a third party developer who have been instrumental in the development and growth of Dharker Studios working alongside us to create many of our earliest titles including the Bounce series, Sword of Asumi and Club Life. Straywire now intend to continue to work with the artist from those games to create new titles in the future published by Dharker Studios.


Chronofire Arts

Chronofire Arts have worked with us in the past primarily as content writers and developers, now looking to build more elaborate games with a focus on more advanced interactivity within the games, they are working with programmers to create new titles to be published by Dharker Studios.