Dakimakura Inner Pillow


Dakimakura Inner Pillow

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The Dakimakura Inner Pillow comes in several versions, all pillows are shipped direct from the manufacturer in JAPAN, please bare in mind that there may well be customs charges as a result, these are not included in the purchase or shipping price and must be paid by the customer separately if required.

We have several versions available to order:

  • Polyester Pillow - Basic Stuffing
  • Polyester Pillow - Extra Stuffing
  • Grand Siberian - Basic Stuffing
  • Grand Siberian - Extra Stuffing

The best pillow is the grand Siberian with extra stuffing, but it costs a lot more as a result, all of these are sent at almost cost price, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds or returns if you are unhappy with the item when it arrives unless it is faulty.

All pillows are 150cm x 50cm in size suitable for dakimakura pillow cases.

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This item when ordered is shipped separately to all other items direct from our manufacturer.
As such we cannot control the shipping speed or customs fees that may apply to the delivery.