The Poster Bundle

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The Poster Bundle

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The Poster Bundle includes a series of 11 posters designed by artist Kopi Anget for Dharker Studio Games.
The Bundle includes;

  1. Christmas Poster 2017 - Xmas Edition
  2. Christmas Poster 2017 - Lingerie Edition
  3. Halloween Poster - Halloween Edition
  4. Halloween Poster - Lingerie Edition
  5. Halloween Poster - Nude Edition
  6. Harem Wars Main Poster - Casual Edition
  7. Harem Wars Main Poster - Lingerie Edition
  8. Harem Wars Main Poster - Nude Edition
  9. Harem Wars Beach Poster - Harem Edition
  10. Harem Wars Beach Poster - Lingerie Edition
  11. Harem Wars Beach Poster - Nude Edition

These posters are a limited edition item, once the stock runs out they will no longer be available.

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Posters will be shipped inside multiple 'mini poster tubes' within a larger box for discreet packaging.

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