You are a struggling witch, newly arrived in town and hoping to be able to serve the village by brewing potions, scrying, tarot reading, cleansing, cursing and all manner of witchery.  Witches Brew will see you interacting with a variety of characters within the village, each one of whom will have different needs each day. As you help them their needs may become more complex and may even require you to brew some special potions for them.  Potion brewing however is a tricky art and so you may not always get the correct result every time you try it, often leading to unintended consequences. 


The Witches Brew game is set within a fantasy world we have created called 'Ethermerial', for the past few years we have been creating plans, stories and information about this huge fantasy world, the kingdoms within it and the laws of magic and other phenomena that exist within it to ensure that the Wilder Village and surrounding area the game is set within feels alive and part of a much larger and interesting fantasy world.


wilder village

The village houses a selection of locations you can visit and people you can meet and work with whilst exploring the wilderness that borders the village.  You can also build relationships with them, help them out with a few things and even have a romance, or maybe just have some casual nights out if you prefer. 


the wilderness

Just outside the village is the entryway to the Wilderness an area considered wild and mostly unexplored, filled with creatures of legend, beasts and most importantly reagents.

More details to come soon as development progresses...